Spring 2014 – Illustrator Week 1 – Day 2

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014


To learn and demonstrate an understanding of the use of the Paintbrush and Blob Brush tools in Illustrator.

Student-Friendly Learning Target:

I can create decorative paths using brushstrokes and create filled shapes using the blob brush in Adobe Illustrator.

Video Link:


Topics Discussed:

  • Brush Tool
  • Blob Tool
  • Choosing a brush style
  • Changing the fill color
  • Creating freeform lines, shapes, and other paths



Differentiate between and correctly use the Brush and Blob Brush tools by drawing a face with the Brush tool (two eyes, a nose, a mouth and a head) on the upper left artboard, then drawing a face with the Blob Brush tool on the upper right artboard. Compare how the brushstrokes are different and pay attention to the special path-merging properties of the Blob Brush. Save your document, and we will continue working on this document tomorrow.

Assigned: January 7th, 2014
Due Date: January 10th, 2014