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Fall 2014 – Chap. 4 – Motherboards, Power Supplies and Cases Quiz

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014


  • I can demonstrate my understanding of Motherboards, Power Supplies and Cases through a summative quiz.

D2SC Website: https://puhsd.d2sc.com/


Topics Discussed:

  • Chapter 4: Motherboards, Power Supplies and Cases



  1. Click the D2SC link to connect to the online testing website. Log in with your student number as both the username and the password.
  2. Navigate to your Assignments and click the “Mobos, PSUs and Cases Quiz”.
  3. The quiz is 22 questions, all multiple choice. Seven of the questions are visual identification questions that will require you to identify a power connector based on a linked picture. Click the provided link and select the power connector pictured from the available choices.
  4. Please put away all notes, study guides and other materials before starting the quiz.
  5. Please close all other documents and webpages and do not open any new tabs or windows until after you have submitted the quiz.
  6. Please remain silent until everyone has completed the quiz.
  7. Submit your test answers before the end of the class period today.

Assigned: October 2nd, 2014
Due Date: October 2nd, 2014