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Spring 2015 – Logo Design Steps 5, 6 and 7 – Reflection, Positioning and Presentation

Objective: To complete the logo design process by selecting and finalizing a logo design.

Student Friendly Learning Target: I will select and refine a final logo for the Innovative Technologies VEX Robotics team.

Web Links:

Innovative Technologies Students Compete in VEX Robotics Competition

Topics Discussed:

  • Eight Step Logo Design Process:
    • Step 5 – Reflection
    • Step 6 – Positioning
    • Step 7 – Presentation


Hopefully, you completed Step 5 – Reflection on Easter Sunday by getting some good rest and coming back refreshed and renewed. Look at your logo sketches once more, and select one to begin refining into your final logo design. This final logo design must adhere to the Six Principles of Good Logo Design that we previously studied, and should incorporate all that you’ve learned about the Principles of Design, Shape, Color Theory and Symbolism.

Step 6 – Positioning

You will soon receive your completed Design Brief documents, updated with the Innovative Technologies VEX Robotics team’s responses. Read the responses that the VEX Robotics representative has provided, and take their advice under consideration. Now you have a decision to make: Will you alter your logo design to meet the requests that Robotics has made, or will you proceed with your own ideas with the confidence that as a trained designer, you know what they will like better than they do? This decision is called Positioning, and it is a choice that every professional designer who takes on a client has to make. Bear in mind that unlike most professional designers, you will not have the opportunity to support or defend your design decisions when it comes time for the Innovative Technologies Robotics representatives to judge the winner of the competition, so make your decisions accordingly.

Step 7 – Presentation

Your Illustrator file containing your final logo design on a single artboard should have your name in the filename, and should be submitted to folder  “34 – Final Logo Design” on the StudentTempFiles shared folder for your appropriate class period no later than the end of the day on Friday, April 10th. This is a rigid deadline, and any late submissions will not be accepted for the competition. There are two important reasons for this: the first is that it would be unfair to allow any one individual more time to work on their design by allowing them to turn it in later than everyone else, and the second is that we will be testing all next week, and will have classes on alternating days as we begin our next unit. Manage your time wisely.

Presentation of the final logo submissions and judging will occur in the days to follow, and when a winner is selected, the winner will be announced in all Graphic Design classes, and then it will be time for the final step: Step 8 – Celebration!

Good luck, work hard, make good decisions, and we’ll see you all at the celebration where we’ll toast the winner of the competition as well as everyone who successfully worked through the process to create a logo design that they can be proud of.

Assigned: Monday, April 6th, 2015

Due: Friday, April 10th, 2015


Spring 2015 – Logo Design Step 4 – Sketching and Conceptualizing

Objective: To continue the logo design process by brainstorming logo designs and sketching ideas on paper.

Student Friendly Learning Target: I can produce five sketches of possible logos for the Innovative Technologies VEX Robotics team.

Web Links:

VEX Robotics

Innovative Technologies Students Compete in VEX Robotics Competition

“VEX Robotics Team Logo” Google Image Search

Topics Discussed:

  • Eight Step Logo Design Process:
    • Step 4 – Sketching and Conceptualizing


Step 4 – Sketching/Conceptualizing

Once your research has been completed, you should begin developing logo concept sketches. These should be very rough sketches – do not go overboard on the artwork at this point. Your artwork should be just enough to clearly show the visual concept you are working on.

By Thursday, you will need to produce five different logo design concepts. These should each be separate and distinct logo ideas, don’t just produce five versions of the same design. Use this time to visually brainstorm ideas, and to get the ideas in your head out on paper. You may do these sketches with traditional tools (pencil, pen, paint) on paper, or you may do them digitally (using Illustrator). You may do any combination of traditional and digital, so long as you have five different concepts by the due date.

Remember: these are sketches only! You will select a single concept next week to work on as your final logo design, and only at that time should you put your best artistic effort into the work.

When you have finished your five sketches: if you did your sketches on paper, turn them in to the wire basket on my front table; if you did your sketches in Illustrator, turn them in to folder number “33 – Logo Sketches” on the StudentsTempFiles volume. Then, proceed to Step 5: Relax, and reflect on your design work on Thursday, and be ready to resume work with fresh eyes on Friday!

Assigned: Monday, March 31st, 2015

Due: Thursday, April 2nd, 2014