Spring 2015 – 41 – Animating With Keyframes


  • Produce a Flash animation using Motion Tweens and Keyframes.

Student-Friendly Objective:

  • I can produce a complete Flash animation using Motion Tweens and Keyframes.

Video Link:
[swf src=”https://www.carlhaydenhs.org/cms/lib6/AZ01001825/Centricity/Domain/882/PacDots.swf” width=400 height=300]

Topics Discussed:
  • For a complete list of Topics Discussed, please see the previous lessons, Flash Days 1-8.


  1. Open the “Pac-Man” animation produced in Lesson 40 – “Animating Within a Symbol”. Your Pac-Man symbol should now cross the Stage once, opening and closing his mouth as he moves.
  2. Today, your objective is to complete this animation by adding a Red Ghost chasing Pac-Man off the stage to the right, then having Pac-Man chase a Blue Ghost to the left. You will need to utilize Symbols, Layers, Keyframes and Motion Tweens to achieve this. You may use any resources you have available to you to determine the best way to do this. Examples of resources include: This website and the previous lessons, The Learn Flash Professional video series linked from the previous lesson pages, Google Search, and your neighbors.
  3. You will need to draw your own red and blue ghosts using the drawing tools in Flash, and convert these ghosts to symbols so they can be moved using Motion Tweens.
  4. The animation should play for at least 60 frames, but should not be more than 240 frames of animation.
  5. Press Command + Return (Ctrl + Enter on the PC) to test your movie.
    • Pac-Man should move across the stage (with the embedded mouth “chomping” animation)
    • Pac-Man should be chased by a Red Ghost monster to the right side of the stage. Both Pac-Man and the Red Ghost should exit the stage on the right hand side.
    • Pac-Man should chase a Blue Ghost monster onto the stage, cross the stage, and exit the stage on the left hand side.
    • The entire animation should be completed in no more than 240 frames.
  6. Save your work as “Your Name – Animating With Keyframes” into the “41 – Animating With Keyframes” folder in your period’s subfolder by Monday.


Extension Activity


[swf src=”https://www.carlhaydenhs.org/cms/lib6/AZ01001825/Centricity/Domain/882/PacDotsAdvanced.swf” width=400 height=300]

  1. If you complete the objectives early, then you are issued the following challenge:
    • Can you make Pac-Man eat a dot? How about six dots as he crosses the stage?
    • Can you make Pac-Man eat a flashing Power Pellet and turn the Red Ghost into a Blue Ghost before chasing him off the stage?
      • Hint: The flashing Power Pellet can be achieved with keyframes or Motion Presets.

Good Luck!

Assigned: May 1st, 2015
Due Date: May 4th, 2015